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Concert Choir

The Brigham Young University Concert Choir is an auditioned ensemble made up of nearly one hundred students representing diverse majors from myriad disciplines. This select, mixed-voice ensemble frequently performs choral-orchestral masterworks alongside traditional repertoire from across the choral canon, including newly commissioned compositions.

Out Newest Album

Press Forward suggests perseverance through difficult times, the need to forge ahead in spite of challenges.

During the 2020-2021 academic year many choral ensembles stopped singing entirely, owing to the dangers of the COVID pandemic. Through careful attention to safety protocols and an abundance of compassion, the choirs at Brigham Young University persisted, resulting in an entire season of concerts viewed by thousands solely over livestream. This album contains a collection of recordings made during this historic year.

In each song, throughout rehearsal, performance, and recording sessions all of the students wore special singers’ masks designed at the beginning of the pandemic, and stood six feet apart from one another.